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This site was created to allow teachers, and other educators, to customise some simple games, which they can then give to their students to play as fun exercises. When you create a game, you are given a 4-digit number - that's all people will need in order to play the game.

Teachers can give the games for homework, or set them in the classroom, and can watch the answers that people are giving from their own computer, without having to mark anything!

About the games

FrogsPutting words into the correct order.SingleWords can be fixed in place, and unused words added to the choice - so you can also create gap-fill or multiple choice exercises.link
Space Attack'Shooting' a word from the given category.SingleAdding a couple of difficult answers can be good, as they can usually be solved by a process of elimination. link
Horses (multiple choice)Choosing the correct word from the given category.Up to FourThe fastest correct answers do best. link
Horses (Typing)Type the correct answer given two categories.Up to FourCan be used for e.g, typing verb conjugations. Games can either go in column order, or set to completely random. link
BattleshipsType the correct answer given two categories (in a 6x6 grid).1 or 2The game itself requires more thought, but maybe best used for reinforcement when people are quite confident, otherwise it may take a long time to finish. link
PairsFind matching pairs and memorise their positions.1 or 2This requires use of working memory, which is much easier when you know the answers well. link
RummyFind sets/runs of items from the same category.1 or 2Based on the card game. The games are often quite short, and can be quite random. Hence it's possible to do well even without very good knowledge of all of the categories. link

There are no adverts, no in-game purchases, no cookies, no logins needed. I.e., we make no money from this at all - it's just a hobby.
Data is saved of the performance whenever you play the games, which will be available to other people to see, but there is no need to use real names.


Educational resources are available at resourcemouse.co.uk